Northgate Baptist Church
Monday, January 17, 2022
Living the Acts 1:8 Challenge

Mission Opportunities 2020- 2021

Local Mission Opportunities:

Northgate Baptist Church is excited to introduce N.A.M.O. - Northgate AniMeals Outreach.  
        This project is designed to help seniors on a fixed income with pets.  If you would like to apply for assistance with our project, or find out more information about it,  please contact Anita Reid at 304-673-7898 or Vicki Stevens at 304-237-8531 for an application. 
     If you would like to help with our new Mission Project,  please contact Anita Reid at 304-673-7898 or Vicki Stevens at 304-237-8531.

Handing Out Tracts 

The church has had some tracts printed up that Pastor Rick created.  If you would like some to hand out, please contact the church office at    304-255-4021 or Pastor Rick at