Northgate Baptist Church
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Living the Acts 1:8 Challenge

Cody's Care Package Information

Help Us Get A Care Package Together For Cody
Cody has now graduated, and is stationed in South Korea. .  Below is listed a list of things he could use.  We will be collecting them in the office, and will be shipping them to him within a couple of weeks.  We’ve been told no weapons, sharp objects, or food, because that attracts animals.  But this is the list he and his parents have come up with. He can also have nothing with alcohol in it.  When we get a list with food goodies we can send him, we will list that as well.
Foot Care                                     Toiletries
Tinactin                                       Sunscreen
Lotrimin                                       Blistex
Odor Fighting Spray                      Disposable Razors (Bics)
Sneaker Balls                                Shaving Cream
                                                   Combo Body Wash & Shampoo
Dental Care                                  Cotton Swabs
Tooth Paste                                  Deodorant
Tooth Brush
Dental Floss                                 Misc. Items
                                                  Tide Pods
Enternainment                            Dryer Sheets
Frisbees                                      Febreeze
                                                  Ziploc Bags - Misc. Sizes